Connecting People

Illship is an online transport marketplace that connects people with customer-reviewed delivery companies that can move hard-to-ship items such as cars, motorcycles, horses, heavy equipment, household goods, boats and more. Transporters place competing quotes to win a customer's business, which brings down delivery costs and makes transport more affordable and efficient.

After reviewing published shipping rates and the Illship Shipping Price Estimator™ (based on proprietary freight data), customers can enjoy significant savings by naming their own price and posting their shipment on Illship. When carriers have empty space in their trucks or an empty backhaul, they use Illship to fill it at deeply discounted rates. Our advanced search tools and mobile apps allow truckers to find shipments nearby and along their routes.

Illship is a privately-held company of 90 employees based in Austin, Texas, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Illship for Carriers

Illship gives Transport, Delivery and removal companies free and immediate access to transport jobs – transporters only pay a transaction fee on jobs they complete. With thousands of deliveries listed and available on any given day, owner-operators and large freight companies alike have an equal opportunity to bid on jobs that suit their needs and routes. Through Illship, service providers can fill excess capacity or find profitable backloads that help maximise their business and time on the road. Illship also gives service providers free tools to help them establish and build their online business reputation through its feedback system and customer reviews. For more information on becoming a Illship Service Provider.

Illship for Delivery Customers

Illship makes it easy to get in touch with thousands of delivery, transport and removal companies making it simple and affordable to deliver or transport anything. Companies quote for business and drive down prices allowing customers to decide on transporter based on feedback and unbiased customer reviews

Our customer-reviews system allows our users to make informed decisions when selecting a transporter. Illship customer satisfaction rates at 98% overall and people save an average of 50% over commercial rates. For more information on delivering through Illship.

History of Illship

In many ways, was born in the back of a rented moving van. As CEO and Founder Matt Chasen was moving from Seattle to Texas, his mother had been struggling to move a dresser from Ohio to Texas. When Matt arrived to pick up the 9-foot van he ordered, it was sold out, leaving him with a 20-foot truck. As he drove the virtually empty truck to Texas, he wondered if there may be someone in a similar situation in Ohio with enough room to bring home his mother's dresser. Matt continued to tinker with the idea over the coming year, and when he arrived at the University of Texas, he eventually joined with fellow business school students Jay Manickam and Mickey Millsap. The three further developed the business plan to take advantage of all these empty trucks to make transport more affordable.